Sunday, July 17, 2011

loving : apron picture and crate paper products

i'm loving this picture
the colors, the patterns, the details
its making me very happy
and i need some happies
because the past 2 weeks have been rather tough
Little Lady had pink eye and a horrible cold
Little Man had an ear infection in each ear
Handsome Man caught strep throat.

and the momma?
i never get very ill
but i am exhausted
all the late nights
medicine runs
doctor visits
sicky snuggles
pots and pots of chicken soups
and cups of raspberry leaf tea.

i am done with all the sickies
so Mr. Universe better be done
or else ...

at least i have a new friend to keep me company.
friends and lovely
especially when they're pocket size

i am also loving me some crate paper products

these 3 collections make my heart all a flutter :

see all the lovely papers here 

so perfect for Little Man layouts, see them here 

and this one :
see them here 

i told myself that i cant buy anymore scrapbook supplies
until i use up all the papers i have
so i'm working up some projects
to use up my stash
and then i can refill it
ooohhh the perfection.

off to attend to the Little Lady.

1 comment:

  1. good luck on not buying scrapbook supplies till you use up what you have!! haha I look forward to seeing that ;)