Tuesday, July 26, 2011

recent projects keeping me sane

yes, yes.
i suffer from blog laziness.
its a terrible disease really.
i blame the pregnancy
which renders me utterly useless
upon the couch.

and its sooooo hot.
i'm tired of the heat.

i have 3 crochet projects at the moment
[ i switch when i start getting
bored or frustrated]

- Project 1 -

Little Lady's lovely blanket is coming along quite nicely
Henry is quite the slave-driver.
[ i think he intends to steal the blanket as his own once its done ]
[ i shall have to make a mini one ... in more manly colors ]

- Project 2 -

i'm working on a blanket 
to keep in the family room 
which is a breeze to learn
and quite relaxing to work on
you dont really have to think.

- 3 -
found this pattern on etsy and couldn't help but purchase it

i started it today
and so far i have the head and neck done.
its been a little hard to do with the chickies around though,
because i really have to keep count at parts.
will probably turn into a post-chicky-bedtime project.

i want to purchase her other patterns

I think Little Man would just looooooove sheldon.
we'll see how the graffe goes
hopefully not as badly as the cat turned out .

off to snuggle with the babies.


  1. such fun fun FUN projects!! they are all so beautiful and fun! I LOVE little lady's blanket. I need to make one using that stitch :)