Saturday, July 16, 2011


meet henry :

he's a happy little fellow
he enjoys snuggles
and summer socializing
especially with Little Lady's petshops.

he was utterly forsaken on a thrift store shelf
hiding behind some candles
when i happened upon him
i immediately picked him up
and plopped him into my life.

he's taken up residence on my nightstand
enjoying the view
as i craft at my desk
and the chickies run around.

he's much happier here than in the thrift store.

whilst exploring his new highly-perched nest
he happened upon my most recent crochet project :

he and trusty Mr. Hook had a lovely conversation
Henry has considered taking up crochet himself.

out of curiosity Henry explored some more
and found a pile of squares
ready to be connected

he set them all out
to get an idea of what
Little Lady's new blanket will look like

he quite pleased.
wished me luck on my progress
and snuck away a little square
for his own comfort

Henry did have one suggestion:
a third color.
i agree.
i'm thinking a coral pink

a trip to hobby lobby
[ "hobwe lobwe, as Little Lady says ]
is now in store.

- HA, did you catch my pun?? -


  1. Okay I ADORE BEYOND REASON this cute description of Henry the owl! My goodness how hilarious and cute and I just LOVE IT and I LOVE your sense of humor and cuteness!!

  2. and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!!! :) so cute creative and frankly just cuddly!

  3. haha I love how little lady used to say hobby lobby, does she still say it all cute and wrong or has she got the words right? I hope she hasn't haha ;)