Friday, May 13, 2011

lovely layout : you keep me safe

Handsome Man is absent from our highly-perched nest
he has been gone for a week
and will be gone for another week.
my heart aches, a dull echo

Aunt Gigi spent last weekend with us
to help keep the glooms away
and she got me to print pictures and pull out my papers.
a little scrapbooking is quite therapeutic for the lonely heart.

its been no fun without Handsome Man.
Little Lady cannot understand the daddy's absense 
and while she does not suffer from the glooms
- as mommy does -
she is close friends with the grumps.
and Little Man is getting his third tooth
so he's best friends with the whinies.


i miss my Handsome Man.

but i have two beautiful chicks
to snuggle with and they keep me safe.

and as i walk around my Handsome-Man-less nest
i have lovely layouts to look at and smile.

[ i am loving the peach, black, and white color combination ... its so lush ]


  1. I love your scrapbook pages, the gorgeous faces in them, and the music. I have no talent with pretty paper, lace, ribbons and doo-dads.

  2. I LOVE THIS PAGE!!! you are so very talented and I admire your artistic ability so very much :)

  3. I really love this layout! And the picture is sooo very sweet of you two :) I especially love how you put a little pink crown on little lady's head :) very very cute! p.s. I love that color combo too! You are using is wonderfully!