Monday, May 16, 2011

bumbling along ... my quilt project

i haven't posted any pictures
of Little Lady's quilt so far

its been pretty slow going
but i'm thoroughly enjoying the process
- feeling the soft yarn through my fingers -
- watching something be created out of basically nothing -
i do so love to crochet.

its very relaxing for me
and its a wonderful thing to do whilst watching the kids play.

he said "momomommaa ma ma" yesterday
i almost died of joy
i've been trying for months to get him to say mama
and last night he looked up and me and said it
and smiled
and cooed
and won me over, despite the drool :)

we've all been scrapping today
to keep the glooms away
[ only 3 more days until Handsome Man returns ]
Little Lady glues shapes onto paper
Little Man chews on random craft items and toys
and the Momma made this :

i wanted to document a few things that i have been up to lately
i dont usually scrapbook about myself
but hey, i found a not-so-hideous picture
and decided to give it a whirl and a twirl.

well. i'm off.
i have two little chickies that need me :)

but know that i am happy ...

1 comment:

  1. I just love this layout and the journaling idea! It can be weird to scrapbook yourself but you pulled it off WONDERFULLY and BEAUTIFULLY! :) (also your face is beautiful so I don't think you could have gone wrong) ;) Keep up the scrapbooking! I love to see what you create :)