Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Man layouts

Little Man update

at his 9 month check-up 
he weighed 22 lbs 
[ please note : Little Lady is 2.5 years older and they are only 5 lbs apart ]
he's quite the little chunker
and oh how i love it

his sweet cheeks when he smiles
and he just exudes joy
always, always happy
[ unless he teething or being tackled by a certain little girl, ahem ]

he's much more snugly than Little Lady
and much more easy going
but she can make him laugh like no one else.
they are such good friends
it melts my heart a little
or a lot :)

i asked Little Lady if she wanted me to have a boy or a girl baby
"I want another [Little Man]."
and then the other night when i was commenting on how she wanted me to have a boy
she said
"I want lots of [Little Mans] and lots of [Little Ladys]."

i laughed.
i guess i'll certainly try my best to make her wish come true


  1. LOVE the pages! Especially the calendar...what a GREAT idea!

  2. he is darling aesalina! i love the pics.

  3. These are just soooooo beautiful! They match how beautiful your babies are :) I love how your layouts are so simple yet very striking in their interest. I need to learn to layer like you :) You are EXTREMELY talented!