Friday, May 6, 2011

lovely project : Little Man's mobile

Aunt GiGi is after me
because i have neglected to post picture of
Little Man's new birdie mobile.
its been done for awhile,
i've just been lazy about utilizing mr. camera.

it consists of some sweet little birds
... that took quite some time to make ...
bright aqua trim
and a soft, summer breeze.

its full of mistakes and too-late-ah-ha moments
but Little Man is rather smitten
and enjoys watching his little friends flutter around
as he lounges in his cribbey.

Little Lady has demanded
[ yes. demanded. ]
that i make her one.
i'm seeing hearts instead of birds
and much more girlie colors, of course.

perhaps i shall post a tip top tutorial
because the project wasn't too challenging
and i know i shall do a much better job
the second time around.


  1. You are so talented and clever! Those are some lucky little people that live in your house with you. Love you.

  2. My goodness...finally you posted these pictures!!! :) I just love how absolutely ADORABLE this is!! I can just picture little man lying in his crib falling asleep with his little friends above him :)