Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tip top tutorial : wooden spool photo holders

last night after the little ones were snuggled into their beds
i sat at my desk
with an itch and a wiggle
to make something.

i gathered together some of my favorite supplies
and after a few burns from the glue gun
and a few failed attempts
i created some sweet little photo holders.

the nitty gritty :

time - it took me about an hour, but i was making it up as i went

supplies -
- wooden spools, any size
- yarn
- vintage lace bits and bobs
- large paper clips (you can find these on etsy)
- hot glue gun
- pliers
- a lovely family of geese to chit chat with while you work

wrap yarn around the spool
then glue on some lace bits and bobs
use pliers to bend one end of the paper clip flat
to glue down to the top of the spool
let dry and viola

sweet little photo holders.
i'm going to keep my eyes open at the thrift stores
for larger spools
because a variety is always nice .


  1. OH MY GOSH YOU ARE SO CREATIVE!!!! I showed my roommates and they loved these cute picture holders too :) You are just sooooo incredibly talented!!

  2. You read my comment already...so i'm writing you another one!! yay!! you and Handsome man look really good in that picture...my roommates told me that we look alike and I told them how people thought we were twins when we were little :) Love you so much! I'll think of you often tonight my twin :)