Monday, April 25, 2011

lovely thrift : little hutch for a Little Lady

Sniffle and Sneeze have finally departed
Mr Gloom remains.
stubborn in his ways
- those chilly breezes and inconsiderate clouds -

despite the grayness of it all
i'm feeling much better
and ready to reenter my creative frenzy.

a few days ago
whilst browsing craigslist for a wooden dollhouse
i happened upon an ad for such a treasure.
i zoomed across town
inspected the goods
and while the dollhouse was much too large for our highly-perched nest
i did adopt a sweet forsaken soul :

 who has made friends with Little Lady's petshops and dishes
i am happy to report that they are all thick as thieves
- perhaps my candy thief is among them, ahem -

Little Lady is quite smitten with her new treasure

 though i'm not sure if her joy
is evident AT ALL in this picture.
that girl.

i had some delicious adventures with Trusty Hook yesterday
- inspired by my little sister -
i shall picture it and post soon.
until them, i hope Sniffle and Sneeze do not come your way
and may Mr. Gloom depart soon!!

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