Thursday, April 21, 2011

loving : letters as decor

awoke this morning with a sniffle and a sneeze
and drat, the clouds have yet to leave me in sunshiney peace.
a roll of toilet paper and a stick of chapstick have been
my constant companions all day.
we are the best of friends.

but despite the yuckiness of the common cold
i had a rather productive day.
dishes washed, laundry done, errands waddled, packages mailed
i even dropped off Handsome Man's drycleaning
- don't believe him if he tries to tell you that it has taken me a year to do so -

i deserve a prize
- sneaks a bite of easter candy -

i am so, so, so utterly, deeply, madly, truly
in love
with letters used as decor.

for example, please view these lovely pieces of eyecandy

the alphabet wall [ via ohdeedoh ]

i have been snooping around the internet in search
for the perfect letters.
i want an R and an A
for our names
and hang them in our bedroom.

whilst browsing urbanoutfitters 
- thanks to my little sister for the birthday giftcard! -
i spotted these and fell in love

my heart pitter-pattered as i furiously clicked the mouse
to add them to my virtual shopping cart
and woe is me!
i discovered that A was back-ordered until july
... JULY!!!!!! ...

the nerve of some people.

in desperation, i found some alternates :

i like the first option better
- sneaks another bite of easter candy -
so i may wait until the horrid month of july
so far away ... and hot.

this weekend i will be sharing
some thrifty finds that 
the universe has so lovingly
gifted me with :)
thank you universe
- could you by chance make next week the month of july?? -

- reaches for more easter candy and discovers it gone -
i must be going
it seems we have a candy thief in our midsts ...

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