Wednesday, April 20, 2011

le birthday

Little Lady's party was quite a success.
How do I know?
I was pooped afterwards and she
couldn't stop smiling.

she loved the presents
ate her little cake like the dainty girl she is
- "i need a spoon" -
- "small bites" -
was rather social considering her shy nature

and she was beaming
and i thought
oh self, are we really that old that we have a 3 year old!?
... well i do have a wrinkle on my forehead ...

the thoughts and feelings i have for her
are too tender to share here in blogland
but just know that she is my life
and my little love
- my little best friend -


  1. Aesalina! I am so happy to read your thoughts on here! I miss you, friend! I love seeing all the creative things you are up to. I cannot believe you have a three-year-old either, but you are not old!!!

    I am verrrry interested in getting a Pinterest account. My Google Reader is way to full of unorganized, starred items. Did you get an invite, or how long does the waiting list take?

  2. I had soooo much fun watching little lady eat that cupcake! So daintily and politely :)