Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lovely crochet : heart banner for Little Lady

i've been pittering and pattering
around my imagination for some inspiration
concerning the blank white wall of dread
above Little Lady's little bed.

i woke up this morning to a drizzle outside
hello gloom, i said, nice to see you so soon.
knowing the chicks and i would not be outside
playing amidst Sunshine and Breeze
- how i miss them so -
i perched myself upon the couch
with my trusty Hook
and let the muses take over my fluttering fingers

upon completion
i strung my little creation up in Little Lady's room
as a surprise.
she was busy painting at the kitchen table.

when she discovered the find
- with a gasp and a smile -
she jumped up and down on her bed.

and so the day, despite Mr. Gloom's unwelcome return,
was indeed a strawberry among our little bowl of lemons.
oh, happy day!


  1. i love your words, you are always so eloquent!

  2. So so cute! I love those hearts!

  3. You really do have a wonderful way of words!! when I read this it reminded me of poetry and it touched my heart :) And I do not doubt that little lady jumped up and down because the banner is ADORABLE!!! gorgeous color choices by the way :)