Monday, April 18, 2011

loving/not loving : Limbo

sometimes life does not go as planned.
lemons instead of strawberries
... but since lemons are rather pretty ...
i think Handsome Man and i will survive

Limbo is a rather unfun place to be.
we've been in limbo for awhile now.
should we attend school
 here? or there?
should we live
there? or here?

and will Handsome Man get
that job that we would oh so love
and will we make a little extra money
to buy a few things that i don't need
but wouldn't complain about having ... heeee

Limbo is a scary place
and rather exciting
all at once.

Scary because i prefer the security
and being in control.

Exciting because i hold Handsome Man's hand
tightly in my own
and i know i am not alone
and we will stand together
and create our future together.

and it will be beautiful.
our own little fairy tale.


  1. Thank you for being you and sharing bits of it with me. I'm blessed because of it.

  2. I know how you feel...that's how I felt last year...stuck in the middle of life. I'm excited to hear how yours ends up...and I hope you get your beautiful bedspread!