Friday, April 22, 2011

lovely DIY : paper doily mobile

i awoke this morning and said
dearest self, let us do something creative today
... since i don't try to do that every day already ...

so i'm sharing a lovely DIY project
please, a round of applause
- and a few whistles, if you will -
for the marvelous

paper doily mobile!
-wallet AND kid friendly, might i add -

the nitty gritty :

time - approx 1/2 hour (or an hour if you do it with a Little Lady
and a Little Man who decides in the middle
the he needs to be snuggled down for a nap)

supplies -
glue stick
a circle to trace [ i used a measuring cup ]
various pretty papers
paper doilies [purchase some here]

and so we begin

find a circle to trace onto the paper
so that the circles fit on the inside of the doily.
trace trace trace

once you have all your circles cut out 
- please note : you will need 4 circles for each mobile you want to make -
glue them onto the centers of the paper doilies

once you are done gluing
you will have a lovely assortment of decorated doilies
which would be rather cute sewn into a banner
... oh dear, i'm tempted ...

fold all of them in half
yes, in half

Little Lady got very upset at this stage
" why you bending them!!!? "

once they are folded
turn them over and slather them with glue
them attach 4 of them together, the folds in the center


staple some string to the top (or glue)
and attach with pushpins to the ceiling!

dearest self,
we will be making many more
so that Little Lady's ceiling
is a blossoming of doily mobiles!
we will also find larger doilies
for some variety.


  1. Adorable!!! Your little man looks so much like you in that pic of him. Adorable!

  2. That is so like her, to be disturbed by the bending of the pretties. I adore it ALL.

  3. I loooooove this adorable mobile hanging that you made for little lady!! I showed my roommates and they loved it as well :) You are just so creative and the fact that you let little lady help and little man supervise ;) is so sweet I could just cry and laugh at the same time! I love it! I will do that with my kids :)

  4. I was pretty sure I commented on this. There must have been a tragic fluke! I think it said something So great. What a great idea. I wish I had a girl. You are great. Something like that.