Thursday, April 7, 2011

lovely inspiration : more orange

i sometimes wonder if i even have a blog...
and then i remember,
yes dearest, you do have a blog!
you are just simply terrible
oh, so terrible at writing on it.

well let me defend myself ... to myself
i have been quite busy i hope you know
i'm swimming in the creative abyss of "nesting"
-as my mother and father call it-
a frantic hormone driven frenzy to do something to the space you live
before the new baby arrives.

with Little Lady the frenzy was cleaning.
i cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.
Handsome Man thoroughly enjoyed that phase of nesting.

with Little Man it was purging.
(and i mean besides the throwing up sick part)
i got rid of so much stuff.
where did i get all of this
i asked myself, hands on hips, a scowl on my face
when Handsome Man and I got married
all of our stuff (save a few pieces of furniture) fit into our little cars.

and this baby? little baby whoosit!?
she (or he <--inserted for Handsome Man's sake)
has got me rushing around the house
rearranging, spray painting, refashioning.
i'm an insane cyclone of CHANGE!

and here's a lovely image just for sarah. more orange inspiration!

its just so vibrant. 

coming in a few days (or weeks, knowing me)
i shall be posting some photographs
of the aftermath of my cyclone through the family room
i'm rather pleased with the results :)

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