Thursday, April 7, 2011

change of plans : a new project

Gray and Yellow
have swooned me with their soothing ways
they snuck upon me quite suddenly

my fault though
since i am always leaving the door to my heart open
[how else would i have married Handsome Man!?]

in my nesting cyclone
i have turned our bedroom into my new unsuspecting victim
since the family room is exhausting me at the moment
... uncooperative little patch of space ...
we're taking a break from one another for a bit
and until the family room pitter patters my heart
i will be tearing apart our bedroom

to keep my sanity
amongst the insanity
of Handsome Man, Little Lady, Little Man
and any other stragglers puttering around my nest
i need some new inspiration

and i found some, oh yes i did indeed
the color combination of yellow and gray
gave me warmth and security all at once
left me full of energy and quite relaxed at the same time
impossible you say?
baha! do not doubt the energy of yellow
and the sooth of gray

begone mustard! 
[ my previous color choice for our bedroom ]
i have new lovers now

yellow and gray and a few accents of aqua ... sigh

thus, the new bedcover
of my dreams ... and hopefully reality.

 i see pillow of gray and accenting yellow patterns

and above our little bed
oh well, my little mind has some ideas indeed
involving a frame painted gray
the letters R and A in yellow
and a dash of aqua 

alas, it is late
my yawns are interupting my excitement
and so i leave you with another photograph
that makes me smile and wiggle a little

[ all picture sources can be found here ]


  1. GREAT! Cannot wait to seee. I love that combination. And Ben. You are too cute.

  2. i LOVE grey and yellow!!!! and your kids are pretty stinken cute. miss you