Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lovely vintage : thrift findings

I meandured through the local thrift store yesterday. I left Handsome Man with 2 "sleeping" babies, heeeh, and went out for some MeTime.

Whilst browsing the aisles, a little frock caught me eye.

She was oh-so little. And oh-so perfectly perfect.
I caressed her vintage goodness, hardly believing my luck!

I checked the tag for a size. 0-6 months.

I peered down at my growing tummy. Now you cooperate, I said firmly, and be a girl.
Otherwise this lovely loveliness will go to waste! And what a TRAGEDY that would be!

Upon my return to my highly-perched nest, Handsome Man eyed the purchase with teasing eyes.
Who's going to wear that?
The baby girl in my tummy, of course. Silly Man.
He snorted a little in reply. Obviously doubting the magic of speaking to one's pregnant tummy whilst in a thrift store.

My baby bundle will in fact be another Little Lady.
And her name will be Evelyne Mae.
And she will wear this red frock for 0-6 months
and all will be right in the world.


  1. Can you post more please? Aesalina, you are a beautiful writer and more importantly a beautiful woman! I love her name. I love her dress.

  2. Oh my, I agree! That is the most precious dress ever! A perfect dress for a perfect little Evelyne....love love love love love!

  3. Ahh. Love your writing. But I was picturing Ben with a little brother to wrestle with.

  4. I love that dress! And I love that name! I hope it is a girl too!