Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lovely inspiration : orange

I am rather tired of all the gloom.
Hello sun! Come out and warm up my highly-perched nest!
Come out so Little Lady can cruise around on her pink tricycle
and Little Man can know what grass feels like and how the breeze tastes.

Do come soon, dear sun. We miss you.

When I saw this photo

my spirits raised a little indeed.
in fact, I felt quite perfectly peachy.

Something about orange . . . so much LIFE and PASSION!
My goal today is to do something inspired by ORANGE

Handsome Man and I will be taking Little Man a-house-hunting today. Little Lady will be having a little vacation at Nana's house. Hopefully, if the creative muses love me so and if luck bends my way a tid bit, I will bringing home a cast off wooden doll house upon our return to our highly-perched nest.

I will coat her with paint
modge podge her walls with pretty papers
and scrounge up some bits of carpet.
Little Lady will have a tiny nest of her own
for all her petshops and people.

Everyone needs a home.

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