Monday, March 7, 2011

lovely inspiration : pretty colors

This photo is inspiring me today.
I saw it on etsy and wanted to paint my walls or something. I am REALLY into aqua lately. I just adore it.

I can tell today is going to be a lazy day. I was just laying on the floor while the babies played around me and then Little Man started chewing on my hair and I decided it was probably time to move. haha.

I'm thinking about making cookies today. How sweet are these?

I have to admit that I have no creativity when it comes to food. I need to get better about that.

Have a lovely day! 

1 comment:

  1. ooooh! these cookies are SOOOO cute!!! I wish that I was creative with food too...we should bake together and work on our creativity together!!! I just looooove the hearts on these little cookies too :)