Thursday, March 3, 2011

loving : buttons

Have I mentioned how much I adore, ADORE buttons? especially colorful and vintage ones?

They are just so whimsical and fun!

Here's some button images that I have been admiring lately. Enjoy :)

This is such a fun and easy project! I'm going to explore my stash of buttons and pick out some of my favorites and put one of these together this week.

How fun is this!! I want to make one of these only with bits and scraps of all my favorite vintage lace scraps that I have been hoarding.

This picture is so lovely. The colors are soft and pretty. I want every single button in it. sigh.

ooohhhhooohhh be still my heart!! [source]

I should do something like this for little lady's next birthday invitations. Wouldn't that be darling to get in the mail?

Have a lovely evening!

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  1. I JUST LOVE BUTTONS!!!! Someday I want to have shelves with jars full of rainbow buttons of every color! Oh how beautiful :) and we should definetely make that button book!!