Monday, February 28, 2011

notable shoppe : Violet Gift Shop

She carries stamps, inkpads, stickers, all kinds of decorative tapes (including fabric tapes!), wrapping paper, and pens. Could it possibly get anymore perfect!?

Here are some of my favorite items from her wide selection (507 items for sale, wooo!)

lace tapes, sigh

not to mention floral tapes. there is something so romantic about these soft floral patterns. if only handsome man would let me wallpaper our house with them :) men are so boring.

alphabet roller stamp, the possibilities with one of these would be ENDLESS!

i spent a lazy day with little lady and little man. we watched movies, read books, took naps, and ate lots of raw vegies with ranch mmmmmm. handsome man was away studying at school. he calls us distractions. pashaw! what a silly man.

i'm off to get the littles bathed and all snuggled up in PJs for bed. have a lovely evening!

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