Monday, February 28, 2011

feeling a bit of MIM whim

i have always loved, LOVED the bedquilts at
but alas, i do not possess the funds to indulge in their loveliness.

while exploring the internet, i stumbled upon this tutorial

she not only made this beautiful anthropologie-inspired quilt, but she's been posting how to do it!

I decided that even though i feel nasty, fat, sick, and pregnant... I want to make one!
I have been wanting a new bedcover for out bed. I'm so sick of the one we have now, I've had it since High School. sooo sooo sooo, here I go!

This is PART I of PROJECT BEDSPREAD : the planning

Supplies I will need :
+ fabric (approx 60 18"x18" squares) [for a king bed]
+ a 6 inch plate for tracing
+ a fabric pen
+ needle
+ coordinating color embroidery thread
+ king size duvet (she got a cheap one from IKEA)
+ sewing machine and supplies
+ lots, lots, lots of pins

Color options :
[1] aqua
[2] a dark blue
[3] a non-sickening yellow
[4] peach (yeah right, i can just hear handsome man vomiting this option!)

I'll just take this project as I feel it. If its a good day, I'll work on it. First things first, I have to get fabric... I'm sensing a shopping trip in the future. I just need to go through all my little craft store coupons and see what I can dig up.

have a lovely evening!

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  1. I do believe I may make one of these myself! Everyone needs a second bedspread...right? :)