Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project 5 of 52 : DIY hexagon wall display

Mr. Mean Wall got the best of me
and i ended up putting my genius idea
in Little Lady's room.
although the large wall in the family room is still bare
i am quite pleased with Little Lady's wall.

i used boxes from here
painted them and mod-podged vintage wallpaper on the lids.

Henry wants to stay in Little Lady's room for awhile.
he enjoys the view
and the company.

now we just need to fill them with treasures and trinkets.

speaking of treasures.
the lovely plaque of the little girl painting
was thrifted a year ago.
when i saw her i just sighed
and thought of Little Lady and her love of all things art
drawing, painting, stickers, markers, etc.

enjoy lovelies.
i'm off to snuggle a very cuddly Bitty Boy
who-can you believe it- is almost 6 months old.
where did my newborn go??


  1. siiiighhh. SO perfect. and HOW can he already be almost 6 months?? i think ben and will are still that age...

  2. they look beautiful!!! what a great idea u had =D