Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feathered Nest : intimidating wall

so I have this large wall in our family room
and even though we have lived here 
for a few months now
i still have yet to hang anything up.

it scares me.
"hello, i'm a big white wall.
i will eat anything you put on me.
i'm here to stare at you as you crochet
making you wiggle on the couch nervously."

that wall and i? we don't get along.

i have a plan
shhh, don't tell the wall.

please behold the following images.

notice a common theme?
boxes on the wall
with lovely papers
and lovely things (i.e., Henry, Hoot, Frederick).

i decided Mr. Mean Wall (as he will now be referred to as)
must have a similar display.
oh i can see it in my mind
and it makes me smile.
but, how to accomplish such a task?

i began looking for wood crates
but decided that i did not like the open slats
and needed something more solid
so i found some shallow boxes that might work.
too expensive.
too boring.
Mr. Mean Wall mocked my from downstairs.
i grumbled and kept looking.

found this.
too small but i liked the hexagon shape
much better than a boring square.
inexpensive hexagon boxes made of paper mache
light enough to hang
different sizes

i purchased a few in different sizes and cannot wait until they arrive.
i will coat them with paint and pretty papers
and perhaps some washi tape.
then adorn them with my lovely brass figurines
and other goodness.
surrounded by pictures of my sweet babies
and perhaps and snapshot of Handsome Man and i.

watch out Mr. Mean Wall.
here i come.


  1. I DEFINITELY think that you have that wall beyond conquered with that idea! it is going to be BEAUTIFUL!! I am excited :)

  2. P.S. Little Man would be VERY upset that you did not point out the ceiling fan with a lovely teal arrow...don't let him see this post! haha