Thursday, August 25, 2011

loving : DIY washi tape magnents

how sweet are these?

i am just so in love with washi tape
when i buy some for this other project 
i will definitely be making some washi tape magnents.

want to make some of your own?
you can find the tutorial


in other news
home from my parents' house.
i loved spending time with them
and i know the chickies and i wore them out :)

Handsome Man is taking his series 7 exam
right as i type.
i have a prayer in my heart
and a prayer on my lips
hoping, hoping, hoping
that all goes well
and that he performs appropriately.

today is a day of laundry
and resting
since my massive self can't waddle around too much.
maybe i'll go watch some curious george
with my lovely Little Lady.

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