Saturday, July 2, 2011

loving : larkmade suitcases

how i wish
Handsome Man and i could escape
just for a little bit

but i wish to be somewhere
just he and i
just us

i would pack my linens and necessities
into a lovely suitcase from lark

we'd take a plane, a train, a car, a bus
and go somewhere
quiet and calm
and we'd make it a little crazy

and we'd share secret smiles
and whisper our dreams together

and when we got tired of each other
we'd go back home
and snuggle our babies
and remember that its more fun
being 4 (almost 5)
instead of just 2.

but today
i just want to go away
with my lovely Handsome Man
and be just us
just 2
just like it used to be
once upon a time
when we first met
way back then

[ first date : an opera ]

"i think that possibly,
maybe i'm falling for you
there's a chance
that i've fallen quite hard over you."
- Landon Pigg -

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