Sunday, July 3, 2011


for three days
trusty Mr. Hook and I
worked together on a project
and failed.
i attempted to make a crochet cat
as seen here

mine turned out more creepy than cute

and i abandoned the cause
with only one limb attached.
i just couldn't handle how odd it looked
nightmareish perhaps?
i must have glimpsed too many scenes
from the show (Supernatural) 
that Handsome Man is currently into.


so i'm quite bummed.

but then i remembered the treasures i found
whilst thrifting yesterday

how can i be sad when i have 
such lovely little trinkets?

and then i attended to Little Man's bath

and after seeing that sweet face
all the grumps went away
and my heart felt a little better
despite my crochet failure.

look at that smile.
i made that.
and he is no fail :)


  1. The most adorable bath picture of ALL time!!! Oh how little man makes me smile :)

  2. Oh Ben, what a cute cute smile!!!