Sunday, May 22, 2011

lovely shoppe : kikos attic

i discovered an etsy shoppe 
that has stolen my heart

she has some lovely purses (as seen above)

but my favorite items are her tiny purse necklaces
here's a few of my favorites :

she flawlessly combines lace and beads
i must attempt such perfection!

i just adored this one
something so whimsical about the bunny pendant
and her choice of beads, sigh.

my first thought
- of course -
was how can i make one myself
so i did a little research.

1 - you can purchase tiny purse frames here
2 - i found an awesome tutorial on how to actually use the purse frame here 
3 - you can use any fabric, beads, pendants, etc.
4 - you can purchase chain off etsy or from local craft stores

i would love to make one
... however ...
my list of projects that i want to do
is already so long
that i may just have to give in and purchase one instead :)
or convince Handsome Man to purchase my favorite for me!

1 comment:

  1. these are such sweet necklaces!! I love them :) and they are definitely your style so I can just imagine the first time you saw them ;)