Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the woes of pearly whites

found these goods whilst pottling
around the thrift store:
deliciously vintage fabric and some rolls of trim.

things around our highly-perched nest
have been rather fussy as of late.
Little Man is cutting FOUR little pearly whites
- yes all four top teeth -
and has been all snuggles, wiggles, and whines.
i feel horrible for him.

despite his predicament
he was all smiles for the photoshoot i had.
surprise photos for the Handsome Man 
upon his return from never never land

Little Lady enjoyed the photo shoot as well. 
though by the end she may or may not
have needed to be bribed with fruit snacks.

upon my desk i have a few little lovelies
that need some stitching
and then they will be perfectly peach
felt finger puppets for a little miss who 
at this moment is calling me away
"i get a cheeto for being nice to you.
can i have it now please?"



  1. I just cannot get over how ADORABLE these pictures are :) and WOW on finding that fabric and trim!! It is SO pretty!! I am excited to see what you are doing with it :)

  2. Your blog and shop is so lovely. Stopping by from the UT Bloggers Swap Meet Up link up. Hope to see you there :)

  3. Okay.....seriously little man is such a little STUD!!! My goodness. And little lady looks like a princess. Just sweet little babies :)

  4. you and your little ones are just precious, aesa! those pictures are stunning!