Monday, February 13, 2012

meet Kinsey

she's my newest crochet pillow

 Kinsey is made up of the Little Lady Puff stitch
she's a quick and easy pillow to make.
i started her last year
but didn't get around to finishing her
until these past couple days.

she's full of bright colors
and sports 3 polka-dot buttons to boot.

my pillows are getting better each time
and though she has a few flaws
i adore her and so do the littles.
Little Man rolls her across the family room floor
and even Rescued Dog has snuggled up next to her.

what can i improve on next time?
i'm still perfecting button holes.
her buttons are too far apart
and the white of the pillow shows through every once in awhile.
but i'm enjoying her oh-so-much.
round pillows are so fun.