Monday, January 30, 2012

Project 4 of 52 : DIY fabric photo album

i wanted to make something
for Little Man to flip through
when we are at places where he needs to be quiet (e.g., church).
he's been loving pictures
pointing at each one as i tell him who is who.
so i made him a little photo album.

here's what you need :

album (mine is thrifted for 25 cents)
fabric of choice
embellishments (i just used ribbon)
mod podge
sewing machine

step 1
cut out the fabric to wrap the album

step 2
stick your letters and lay your embellishments on the fabric
where they will be on the cover.

step 3 
sew said letters and embellishments securely to the fabric

[ please notice that the black stars in step 2 disappeared by step 3.
Little Lady took them as her own
i'm sure i will find them stuck under her bed or something ]

step 4
mod podge fabric to your album

no need to be a perfectionist
as you can tell by my book - ha.

step 5
put lots of pictures inside and look through a million times with your own Little Man.

off to bed. the littles are asleep.

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  1. thats so cute :) i'm in the making of diying a cover for my notebook.. fingers crossed it's gonna look just as good x