Thursday, January 5, 2012

owl clock

i have had this image saved on my computer
for quite some time
and when i look at it
i think of all things whimsy

sadly i cannot supply the source
so if anyone knows it, link it in the comments section.

i want one in my kitchen
wouldn't Handsome Man just loooove that, heeee.

i found a similiar clock being sold on ebay
should i bid?
dare i win?
and perhaps paint it similarly?
and hang it upon my wall?
... click ...
oh bad me, bad me.

in other non-owl-related news
remember my 12 before 2012? 
here's what happened!

[ 1 ] move from Highly-Perched Nest to our new Feathered Nest
[ 2 ] finish Little Lady's blanket
[ 3 ] submit 3 scrapbook layouts for publication
[ 4 ] reopen my store
[ 5 ] submit to sell my products at the Battlecreek Boutique
[ 6 ] submit to sell my products at the Bijou Market
[ 7 ] organize craft room
[ 8 ] repaint Little Man's room in the new house
[ 9 ] spray paint large black frame
[ 10 ] fit into my medium jeans (as opposed to my skinny jeans)
[ 11 ] make a minibook
[ 12 ] start a love smash book

i finished half of my goals
i'm pretty pleased
since i started only a few months before the new year.
i want to continue the tradition and do
13 before 2013.
i'll post my goals later this week.
i need to think up a few more.

1 comment:

  1. You did better than I did!! haha and I am excited to read about you new goals! I will be doing it with ya :) 13 before 2013! ya! and seriously...that owl clock is GORGEOUS!! I hope that you bought that one on ebay because I know that you will definitely be able to make it look just like that pretty green one if not better!! :)