Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dear 2011

you were my lucky year
my year of 11
and so many beautiful things happened.

Handsome Man graduated
and started his career in finance
he got a good job with amazing benefits.

Bitty Boy was born
all 7 pounds of loveliness
he brings sweet smiles and soft coos
to my every day.

Little Lady turned 3
discovered a mind of her own
and learned that she can make me
laugh, cry, and sometimes hide in my bathroom.

Little Man turned 1
he turned from a calm, happy baby
into a whirlwind of exploration (read:destruction)
smiling and drooling all the while.

we discovered and adopted Rescued Dog
he has enriched my life
and keeps me warm at night
when he snuggles up next to my tummy.

we bought our first home
we bought our first car
we bought a lot of diapers, wipes, and baby clothes

and me?
what happened to me this year?
a lot of learning
a lot of growing
and a lot of absolute perfection.

dearest 2011
i shall miss you
you hold so many fond memories.

dearest 2012
we are excited to see 
what this new year brings.

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