Thursday, December 29, 2011

my newest crochet creation

Sue is a slouchy granny square pillow
with puffy flowers and
5 handmade buttons.

she's my second pillow
and is an enormous improvement over my first.

things i learned after my first granny square pillow
[ and implemented with Sue ]
- use sturdy yarn that can be washed
- make your pillowcase removable so it can be washed
- realize that your pillow will have to be washed [ ahem, children ]

my poor first pillow had to be tossed
for there was no way for me to wash it
and Little Man was an infamous drooler/spitter-upper
and she was no match for his sticky ways.

Sue, though, is prepared for all things children.
and she is slouched happily up on my couch
beloved by all
even Rescued Dog and Handsome Man.


  1. It really turned out to be so pretty! I just love the colors. although you really should have made the buttons different sizes with different fabric ;) hehehehe