Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a handmade holiday

feathered nest
does not sport a fireplace.
and one always needs a mantle
to perch one's bits and bobs
[ especially the seasonally type ]
so i hung a rather large shelf
above my retro couch
and deemed it Mantle.

over thanksgiving
Mantle was decorated with 
yarn wrapped jars full of 
dried flowers from our yard
and strung with a  yarn pom-pom garland.
i got the heart wiggles
each time i walked into the family room.

however . . . 
the seasons have changed
and thus Mantle required new bits and bobs.

for the centerpiece
i happily strung some bulbs in my favorite frame
and coupled it with a terrific thrift 
( the JOY embroidery ).
when i saw that treasure at my local thrift store
i could not believe my luck.
some lovely lady had taken the time
to french knot good ole santa's entire beard.
i simply adore it.

then, this morning, while Little Man and Bitty Boy snoozed
Little Lady and i created
3 trees so sweet.

using a hot glue gun and humming to pandora
we attached ribbon, lace, fabric, letters, felt, sequins,
and topped them each with a glass bulb.

i do so love them ever much.
and can't help myself from wandering
into the living room
for a look now and then.

i think i need to make
at least 7 more.
wouldn't you agree??

my kitchen needs some christmas cheer.
Mantle cannot have all the fun,
or the other rooms will get jealous.

the wall between the living room and kitchen
sports my yarn wreath
and a granny chic banner i stitched up a few weeks ago.
every time i come down the stairs
she reminds me to be merry
and enjoy my life.

here's my little helper . . .

and here's the mess we made.
Winnie loved being used so thoroughly
... even if she did get a little hot glue upon her top ...


  1. how cute is your new little nest?! love it

  2. I want more pictures! I wish I could just drive over and see your new place and your cute kids and you of course!

  3. Looks like fun. You have a very cute assistant.

  4. Your Christmas decor is to die for! I love the frame with the glass ornaments! Your pics look like they come out of a magazine!