Wednesday, December 21, 2011

busy busy.

the past few days have been full of the Glooms.
where has the sunshine been?
she did peek out from behind the clouds
for a moment or two today
but has been missing in action
for quite some time.

Aunt GiGi took this photo tonight
and it makes me so happy inside.
just look at my Little Lady
so grown up and beautiful.
i can hardly believe that she isn't a toddler anymore.

besides snuggling with the chickies
things at Feathered Nest
have been quite a flurry.
prepping for the holidays
wrapping surprises beneath sheets of festive paper
finishing a very lovely crochet pillow named Sue [ photos to follow ]
finishing a project involving wood and wallpaper [ photos and tutorial to follow ]
laundry as always
and YAY i finally made it to the bank today!!!!!!! 
- which is a big deal around here -

but enough chit chat. 
i'm off to bed because i am 
"eggzahsted" as Little Lady would say.

hope everything is merry and bright.

here's a sneak peak at Sue

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  1. I had so much fun taking those pictures :) you two are just so beautiful <3