Thursday, October 20, 2011

you are my sunshine


i really want to purchase
for Little Lady's room.
i think it would be splendid.

in other news . . . 
we are probably not going to close on Feathered Nest
until monday :(
and thus, not move into Feathered Nest
until tuesday or wednesday.

i am so, so, so bummed out
and so, so, so tired of living out of boxes.
curse you low mortgage rates
for inspiring a million people
to purchase when we did
and thus back the process up tremendously.

i fear the Glooms may set in this weekend.

i had good news
[ cheers all around ]
i completed one of my Twelve by 2012
woooot woooot

i can check number 5
off of my little list
for as of tonight
i have submitted to sell my products
in the Battlecreek Boutique!!

i'm very excited and nervous
and do hope the contact me with their decision sooooooon.
i'm not a very patient person.
[ especially when it comes to christmas presents,
but that's a different story ]

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