Thursday, October 6, 2011

oh my, oh my. be still my fluttering heart.

Little Lady and i introduced our Bitty Boy
to the wonders of thrifting.
"Sometimes you find a treasure,"
Little Lady told a sleeping Bitty Boy.

we strolled and puttered down the aisles
in search of said treasures.
and our thrifting endeavors were not in vain.
we found these lovely ladies
beneath the piles of forsake wooden squares
in the frame aisle. 

since they are signed H. Hobbie
i like to think
that Miss Holly Hobbie
actually embroidered them herself
the loveliest of self-portraits, if i do say so myself.

i could not believe our luck!
i snatched them up
hugged them close to me for a bit
and laid them in our cart.
Bitty Boy's sleepy coos
confirmed our decision to bring them home.

i love the details on the bonnets

and the detail on her apron and dresses

absolutely beautiful.
Holly Hobbie spent no expense
whilst self-portraiting herself :)

even though we are moving soon
and all our other decorations are packed away
i hung them above Little Lady's bed.

Little Lady and i
[ mostly i ]
wanted to start enjoying them right away.

Bitty Boy must be a little good luck charm.

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