Thursday, September 1, 2011

lovely thrift : a new couch

i haven't announced it yet
but Handsome Man and i are purchasing a new nest
no longer highly-perched.
a lovely 5 bedroom home
with a fully fenced backyard
a perfect place for Little Lady and Little Man to cause ruckus. 

and since we are going to move into a bigger place
there will be more room
and thus ... obviously ... we need more furniture

[ poor Handsome Man ]
[ he's not a fan of my love of buying/selling furniture ]

so, there i am
wandering around the usual thrift store
i saw her

in all her 60s glory
a non-nauseating floral fabric
very little wear and tear.

she spoke to me
asking me to take her home.

i mentioned Little Lady's craziness
and Little Man's unnatural skills at spitting up and drooling
and Bitty Boy's potential for the same.

she didn't mind

and so i bought her
and she currently resides in my mother-in-law's garage
until we move into our new nest.

i have dreams of covering her with pillows
and throws
and she'll be surrounded by other forsaken souls
like my $2 nightstand that i'm going to refinish
and the comfy retro lazy boy style chair i found for $15.

they shall be a happy little family in our new living room.

speaking of living room
i'm loving, loving, loving these images
they are inspiring me to no end:


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