Wednesday, August 17, 2011

update on Little Lady's blanket

having contractions
all morning.
we'll see what happens :)

Henry happened upon a tower of flowers
awaiting their turn
to acquire a white trim
and be attached to Little Lady's blanket.

i'm so picky
and redid the connection with a different stitch.
i am much happier now.

Little Lady is quite anxious to use her blanket
but i think it will still be 
some time before its completed.
i want to make it twin size
for when she moves into her big girl bed.

she's growing out of her little toddler bed
such a big girl now

when did this baby

 become this girl?!?!

such a sneaky little girl.
Last night when Handsome Man and I 
went into our room for bed
we discovered her like this.
she loves "momma's bed".

these contractions are not going away
and they kinda hurt.
i'd better go lie down :)

1 comment:

  1. I love her blanket! It looks great!!! And how hilarious is she? Oh my gosh. I want her to be my friend. Now, have that baby so I can rant and rave about him as well...