Sunday, August 28, 2011


... currently ...

Handsome Man
+ happy the momma is home
+ did an awesome job with the chickies
[ even mopped the kitchen floor . . . wow ]
+ in love with his Bitty Boy

+ tired
+ happy
+ so very blessed

Little Lady
+ in love with her Bitty Boy
+ adored spending some quality time with daddy
+ considers it her job to go and kiss Bitty Boy periodically
+ had a special moment with momma tonight where momma told her how much she loved her girl

Little Man
+ quite oblivious to the newest addition in the household
+ pushing in 3 new teeth [ so so sad ]
+ is taking a few steps here and there each day

Bitty Boy
+ full tummy
+ snuggled up in his crib
+ so very peaceful

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Your family is so special! Enjoy life in your highly perched nest! We miss you! Your bitty boy is ADORABLE! Makes me want another little one...someday!