Sunday, June 5, 2011

lovely project : first granny square pillow complete!

my little heart smiles when my eyes happen upon
my lovely new Miss Pillow perched on the couch
[ or in this case a chair ]

her colors are bright and bold
and they make me happy.

since this was my first granny square pillow
Miss Pillow has mistakes
here and there
i'm sure no one can tell but me
and i made her rather too larger
so she slumps on the sides
but there's just more to snuggle!

she took me a bit longer to make
than i had originally anticipated
but i blame a combination of
distraction and two little chickies that take up
my entire day.
- sigh -

i'm going to start on another one.
"she needs a friend!"
- as little lady would say - 
i love this pattern
but i think i'll try a new one
to add some flavor to my lovely red couch.

in other news ...
i finally did something with the letters R and A
that i rescued from a thrift store.
they are now painted a lovely gray
and are perched upon a wall
in our bedroom.
they have become quite good friends
with a crochet heart banner
and did enjoy the brief visit of
the new Miss Pillow.

i'm not entirely sure that the heart in the frame will stay
i may find another heart to replace it.
something tickles at my tummy
and isn't quite right
but i'll figure it out.
as for now, we do rather enjoy the decoration.

stay tuned. 
this week i will be posting a tip top tutorial
on how to make fun, adorable felt finger puppets
in case any of you have Little Ladies
who need a quite sunday toy.



  1. the granny square pillow turned out very beautiful!! I am so proud of you :) It truly looks amazing! and don't worry about the slumping...I couldn't even tell until you mentioned it ;)

  2. Oh, loooooovveee. I envy the creative whirlwind that is your mind.