Wednesday, June 8, 2011

how do you know he loves you?

when he spends 2.5 hours
driving, lifting, packing, carrying, arranging
furniture that you found on ksl [ like craigs list ]
and could not bear to live without.

if he does all of this 
in intense heat
up 3 flights of stairs
and the day after having an insane push-up competition with his brothers...

if he does all of this
and doesn't yell or complain or look at you with an odd expression

then he loves you :)

Handsome Man must love me.
and ohhh do i love him.
look what he brought home

Furniture Piece No.1

 a lovely little nightstand 
she sits so serenely beside our bed
ready to store all my bits and bobs
and she is oh so lusciously vintage
could you just die with joy?

i must scour around and find some treasures
to rest atop of gleaming surface

do notice my lovely bedspread.
my yellow and gray bedroom theme
has only just begun
i'll be making pillows and posting tutorials ...

Furniture Piece No.2

a dresser so tall and proud
he has drawers that open smoothly
and has soooo much space
not to mention, built in dividers
- thank goodness, for my undies and socks were beginning to riot amongst each other -
- now they are safely separated -

do note Miss Pillow...
she couldn't help but sneak in for another photo shoot.
[ i believe she is growing rather vain ]

now i need to hang up lovely pictures and prints
and make a lampshade for the lamp i got
[ thrifted $4 ]
and i need to crochet a pillow for Mr. Armchair
[ also thrifted $15 ]

Furniture Piece No.3

another dresser
but she is long and sturdy
we decided she was too sweet to hide away in our bedroom
and put her in our family room
with our [dusty] TV perched atop
her numerous drawers store movies, controllers, games, and such
a very organized lovely lady.

- do note my pregnant self in the reflection -
someone needs to throw me an intervention
... the sweets too often rule my pregnancy cravings ...

so Handsome Man loves me
and I love him
and we both love our furniture
- though probably me more than him -
- actually, i think he hates them ... drat you 3 flights of stairs -



  1. You cannot forget the sister-in-law and mother-in-law who replaced a few M.I.A brothers.

    And your forlorn, "Do you love me?" as Mom and I sweated and heaved the blasted things up...wasn't it four flights of stairs?

  2. Yep, anyone else who carried furniture up those flights of stairs must love you very much!