Wednesday, January 5, 2011

lovely DIY : ribbon tree (or any shape!)

discovered this lovely DIY created by the ever so lovely Lola Nova

she made ribbon trees that are the sweetest ever.

all it requires is a little sewing (or you can glue if you don't have a sewing machine), a little paper, and lots of trims!

she made some tags with the same basic pattern.

I ADORE the bird garland she created. there's something about birds --sigh-- if you've been in my kitchen you know I adore birds . . . and owls . . . and hummingbirds. so whimsy :)

I'm going to give it a try this week since I have a lovely stash of vintage lace and trims that are just perfect. I'll make sure to share photos of what I make. Head on over to her DIY post and do it with me :)

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