Sunday, December 12, 2010

what you might see at my house

little lady running around in undies (she's being potty trained and is doing a darn good job!) and little man making quite a lot of noise :)

her hair is getting rather unruly. it's so long and lovely but its gotten a little uneven and shaggy so we'll be getting her a trim soon--her first haircut! THAT will be an adventure. I told her a few days ago that we were going to cut her hair and she gave me the stink eye. hmmmm.

little man got an early christmas present. he's so eager and aware of everything around him that he's gotten quite bored propped up in his usual spots. i purchased one of those toys that is over them . . . like a mobile. i have no idea what they're called. but he looooooooooooves his :)

to show his gratitude for his new toy, he helps me with handsome man's laundry:

i distinctly remember taking a picture like this of little lady around the same age. I'm going to explore our external harddrive and try to find it.


1 comment:

  1. When you find that picture of little lady helping you with the laundry just like little man is doing here you need to do a cute scrapbook page with both pictures side by side! That will be so incredibly cute! Love you <3