Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MiM whim

i have created and will be participating in a challenge for myself this new 2011 year.

2011 will be a magical year since its abbreviation is '11 and my lucky number happens to be 11 [ first kiss with handsome man on the 11, we got married on the 11, little lady and i were both born 11 days early . . . etc ].

so what better way to feel the magic of '11 than to MIM it up!

what does MIM stand for, do you ask?
Make It Myself of course!

Please introduce the MiM whim [ a challenge of the utmost kind, as dottie angel would say ]

52 weeks of opportunity
52 chances to let your whim shine!

Each week I will be making something myself, whether i found a tutorial or just saw a picture. it could be a scrapbook layout, a recipe, a crochet pattern, anything my heart desires so long as i MiM :)

I hope you join me :) I've created a flikr group where you can load pictures of your creations. and check back here every week [ starting january 4 ] to see what i make!

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