Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas is coming

and there's just something so magical about it all.

i love the lights. the secrets. the reverence of the season.

we have a little tree this year. not a real one. a fake. and its not quite a traditional christmas tree. i found it at a craft store, hiding away from the rush of shopper. it was tall and skinny and absolutely perfect. little lady and i waddled out to the car with it and took right it right home.

we arranged the branches just so, strung them with lights and red holly berries, and then dusted off my vintage mercury glass ornaments and attached them here and there. little lady had the funnest time picking the branch she wanted to dangle an ornament from. and i had the funnest time watching her.

this will be the first Christmas that she can truly understand a little bit of what it means. she knows about her "Father" and about Jesus. it will fun so special to explain about his birth and his life. i think it will be very special for her.

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